Experiencing Change in our Bodies


2116In this wonderful adventure called staring your own business, I have been experiencing a lot of personal growth…change…learning…frustration…empowerment…gratitude…humility…super powered…etc

It has been really fun and rewarding, but through some of the tough learning experiences I have noticed that my left shoulder starts to bother me.  I have an old tendinitis swimming injury from 2002.  It rarely bothers me, except when it is about to snow and when there is stress in my life.  It has really made me think about the mind – body connection.  We pretty much all know it is there, but do we connect the dots?

Think about what your body feels and looks like when you are sad…when you are happy…when you are angry.  I’m sure we could all show someone what those emotions feel like using our bodies…so, yes the connection is as simple and profound as that.  Now to dig deeper into those stress areas of our bodies.  We talk about where we hold tension or stress…usually neck and shoulders, maybe hips.  People who have had some sort of trauma or injury there is a pattern there as well.  It is really easy for the brain to send pain signals there because it has already done it (and maybe a lot).

It is good to pay attention to these patterns!  If we can find the source of the pain (which is rarely actually where we feel the pain) then we can go from there to find the solution.  My left shoulder…yes, not a huge traumatic event…but, I hold a lot of the baggage of my life in that shoulder.  When life gets hard my shoulder gets achy.  When big change is happening my shoulder gets achy.  When personal growth is happening my left shoulder gets achy.

It is a good time for love and patience.  Our bodies are incredible things.  And everything is connected!

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