Past Events:

Healing Village Collective Open House

February 21, 2016        :        11am – 3pm        :        2900 W 44th Ave, Denver 80211

Healing Village Collective will be celebrating community and dreams at our OPEN HOUSE Sunday February 21 from 11am to 3pm. Please join us!

Meet EVERYONE at Healing Village Collective!
Enjoy snacks and prizes!

Bring your DREAMS for 2016!
We are creating a DREAMBOARD for our dreams and goals for 2016. Put YOUR DREAM on the Dreamboard as a symbol of your GOALS and a reminder of your DIRECTION. We will have lots of materials for you to write/ draw/ create a representation of your dream.
outside of healing village collective building
Do you know all of our Bodyworkers, Therapists, and Energyworkers?

Have you had a snack with our Nutrition Expert?

Have you met HVC’s Web Designer and Business Coach?

Do your pets know the Veterinary Acupuncturist?

And you have to meet the Tax Guy!


Self-Care 101 talk/demo at Focus on Fitness – Movement Climbing and Fitness Denver

focus on fitness flier

Green Sky massage at Focus on Fitness – Movement Climbing and Fitness Denver January 29th, 5-7pm.

Self-care 101: Learn the importance of self-care for your active body! Self-care is so important to help prevent injury, decrease recovery time from injury, and keep your body from aches and pains from being active. We will learn some ideas on how to use a foam roller, tennis ball, and other tools to self-massage tight muscles. We will also go over some manual self-massage techniques for your legs and arms. I want to empower you to know how to take care of your body. Whether you come to Movement for exercise or because climbing is your true passion, it is imperative to take care of your body so it can keep doing the things you want for as long as you are motivated to keep doing them.

I hope to see you there!!

Movement Climbing + Fitness Denver
1155 W 5th Ave
Denver, CO 80204


Healing Village August Give Away!

August Give Away

Five seriously awesome reasons to make an appointment in August with Courtney or Nicole (me!):

1)You could win this painting;

2) And a basket of great, natural products;

3) And 50% off an acupuncture session with Courtney;

4) And your choice of a hot-stone add-on or a 30 minute add-on to a massage with Nicole;

5) And a $10 donation in your name to a charity of your choice;

(Yes! Seriously! Multiple entries encouraged!)

Contest goes from August 1 – 31, 2015! Every time you book an appointment* in August your name goes in a drawing to win! For more details or to make an appointment call 720.663.7194 or email To book an appointment online Click here!

*Cancellations or reschedules to a month outside of August will result in a non-entry.


 Partner Yoga and Thai Massage Workshop

When: Sunday, July 20, 2014 10am to noon
Where: The Cartel Studio 3559
DENVER, CO 80205
Cost: $20 per person ($30 for two people) for the 2 hour workshop

Partner StretchSplits and hip-openers!

People tend to hold a lot of tension in their hips, more than we realize.  So, work on your flexibility and your stress-level by attending our two-part acro-yoga and Thai massage workshop.

Partner Yoga Portion of the Workshop

This part of the class will be a fun, kick-ass workout designed to make you sweat, stretch, and connect with your partner.  It’s not essential that you bring your own partner.  If you come solo, you will simply be paired with another friendly soul in the workshop. We’ll work on the basic mechanics of basing and flying in each posture.  Specific postures we’ll work on will be folded leaf, bird pose, suspended back bends, and other beginner postures.

Thai Massage and Stretching Portion of the Workshop

In this portion of class we will be using Thai massage techniques and gentle partner stretching to help open the hips.  We will be using compression, traction, passive movement, and stretching to open the inner and outer hips. You should feel more open or loose in your hip joint, allowing for more movement to travel up your spine.  This is great for anyone with sciatic pinching, that sit in a chair most of the day, and athletes!

Bring a friend to save $10!

$20 per person, or $30 for two people



De-stress and Stretch! Partner Yoga and Thai Massage Workshop

When: Sunday, June 22, 2014 10am to noon
Where: The Cartel Studio 3559
 DENVER, CO 80205
Cost: $20 per person ($30 for two people) for the 2 hour workshop


It’s All About Self Care, Ed. 1 Head and Face Pre-Sale!

ebook-coverENDS 11:59PM JUNE 9TH!  Regular sales begin June 12th or 13th. The first in the Self-Care series.  Head and Face will give you some tips and tricks on how to take care of one of our favorite body parts (that can sometimes be the most ignored in self-care)! You will learn fun facts and get massage techniques for non-professionals that range from superficial to deep.  You will learn how to get into some of the deeper muscles of the mouth, which is great for TMJ or clenching. You will also get to read about connection through energy and emotion.  Exploring human expression through the face, and looking at the possibility of manifesting positive emotions through physical expression. I empower you to take care of yourself starting today!  Do something nice for yourself every day is my motto in the series. Buy today and save $8 until June 9th (regular cost $20). As a bonus for buying today,  an additional freebie will be added on! I look forward to starting this journey with you.  Have a good day!