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Creating space for wellness.

Welcome to Green Sky Massage!

You have made it here!  Probably because you are looking for a massage.  Please stay and explore… My passion is to continue bringing health and healing to the world through practice and education. Would you like to be a part of your health?  Are you interested in knowing what you can do to feel better or prevent injury?  You have come to the right place! Enjoy and let’s create something new…


  • What is the difference between Thai and table massage?

    Thai is done on a mat on the floor fully clothed.  It is about grounding and opening the body up.  There is more passive movement involved in Thai massage that you would not be able to receive from being un-clothed under a drape on a table.
  • Do you do the Thai massage where you walk on people's back?

    No, I did not study that type of Thai massage (were the practitioner uses a bar to support their full weight on someone).  I studied in Chaing Mai (northern Thailand) and use my feet in slow deep manner on many parts of the body, but not to walk on someone's back.
  • Should I keep my socks on for Thai massage?

    That is completely up to you.  In the winter months, when it is colder, it might be nice to keep them on to keep the feet warm.  I have worked with both socks on and off.
  • How what is a good length of time for a session?

    That very much depends on what you are looking for.  I would say that if you want to receive a Thai massage and really get an idea of what it is, book 90 min.  I do realize people have time and financial constrictions, so I do offer a 60 min Thai session but it will seem really fast.  If you are looking for something more specific on just a certain area of the body book 60 min (this applies to all modalities).  Of course, if you want specific work and full body a 120 min might be what you are looking for!

Where to find Green Sky Massage

In Denver: The Freyja Project
3456 Tejon St
Denver 80211

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  • "Thank you for the absolutely phenomenal Thai message today! You are truly gifted and this was the best message I have ever had!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!" ~ Dayna Bernstein
  • "Truly the best massage experience I have ever had" ~ Carla Jackson
  • " Nicole gave me my first Thai massage and I could not have been more pleased with the experience. I did not realize how similar this type of massage would feel compared to deep tissue/sports work - which is the only type of massage I'm interested in receiving. But now I will definitely add her services to my self-care, bodywork regimen. Thank you, Nicole!" ~Jessica Johnson RMT
  • "Nicole is a wonderful therapist. She addresses what the client wants, communicates clearly and effectively, and manages her time well. Overall, great service and therapeutic outcome." ~Anne Avery RMT