602701_4410417654677_1044450850_n‘Tis the season for family, friends, gifts, smiles, snow… stress, cold, end of the year deadlines, etc.  No matter what this time of year means to you make sure you are still BREATHing through the hard times (and the wonderful times).

I tell my clients all the time to make sure they can BREATHE when we are working on uncomfortable muscle spots (“therapeutic discomfort”).  “If you cannot BREATHE through it then the pressure is too much.” The body will tense up and go into a protective state that will not help those knots release.

Taking deep BREATHs tells the brain that everything is ok and those trigger points can let go.

We can take this concept with us into our daily lives.

You will have 15 people over at your house later and you have spent all day cleaning and cooking.  Making sure everything is just right.  You are so excited to see your cousin you haven’t seen since last year…oh no, you burned the cookies! ahhh…take a few nice deep BREATHs.  It is crazy how this technique can calm your nerves and let you get back to the task at hand.

It is the end of the year.  It has been cold outside.  I feel like people are in a holding pattern until the first of the year.  There is a sense of just waiting for the new year before making any decisions.

Just keep BREATHing!  It is quite amazing what focused, deep BREATHs do for the mind and body.

BREATHing can help you stay connected with yourself this season!

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