Video Blog: Getting “knots” out of your back with a wall corner.

Here is a video blog about how to get some of those “knots” out of your back using a wall corner.



It is so simple! Just find a wall corner and lean into use. You can lean as soft or hard as you want to get the pressure you desire. For those who like a lot of pressure, make sure you can breathe through the pressure or you are going to hard.

In the video there is a picture of the muscles of the back.  There are many structures being influenced by this technique, including the fascia of the back. Because we are such a forward moving society, much of the tissue on our backs gets over stretched. This can cause the discomfort and pain we feel in our backs.

The technique against a wall corner is designed to not encourage the over stretching that could already be occurring, but get the “knots” out using pressure and cross-fiber friction (moving perpendicular along the muscle tissue).

**Not in the video:

I highly recommend pec stretches or chest openers to compliment this technique. After getting the tension out, you will want to stretch the muscles that are pulling the shoulders forward and over stretching the back muscles. Click here if you want to see some some of these techniques!

Have a great day!!

love, Nicole