My Favorite Self-Care Tool! Da Tennis Ball

 What are all thfile000695422541ae fun things you can do with a  Tennis Ball?

*Well, play Tennis

*Play catch

*Throw them at a sibling (not too hard)

*Entertain your dog for hours

*Decorative purposes for paper mache

*My mom likes to use one to mark how far to pull her car into the garage

                                                         There are many other things, but my favorite it to use to for self massage!

5 Favorite Self Massage Techniques with a Tennis Ball:DSCN9082a

  1. Use it to roll out your feet while you are watching TV or at the office working on the computer
  2. Roll under your gluts while sitting in a chair (both sides so you don’t feel uneven)
  3. Put one or two in a tube sock and while laying on the floor massage your neck – use the tube sock to keep the balls in place
  4. Lean up against a wall and roll up and down the back muscles (feels really good on the Erectors)
  5. While sitting on the floor, place the ball under your calf and roll around.  When you hit those oh so good spots hold it

If the Tennis Ball is not enough pressure use a Lacrosse Ball or Baseball

Feel free to get creative and make up some of your own techniques!

Just remember that pain is not good (you want the good pain) and not to roll right over joints.

Rolling muscles with a Tennis Ball is a great way to take care of yourself at home or office.  I’ve been known to bring my lacrosse ball to a networking event or two…usually other people ask to use it as well…

file0001220170335a If you have any questions or interesting ways to use a Tennis Ball for self massage please feel free to share them with me!!

Try to do something nice for yourself every day!





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