Guest blog – My Why – by Krissy Greenhouse

Guest blog by Krissy Greenhouse!

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by Krissy Greenhouse
Certified Personal Trainer and
Nutrition Specialist

I have always been thin but had no desire to exercise or eat healthy. I called myself the “Skinny Soft.” I looked thin, but give me a hug and you discovered quickly I had zero muscle tone. Nachos were my go-to evening snack and sodas my beverage of choice. Choice- Big Red. An artificially strawberry-flavored red soda from Indiana. Neat. I hated drinking water.

A new gym had opened in Ft. Collins, CO and I joined in 2000 when I was 37. Took spin class which I did enjoy and occasionally you could find me strolling the large weight room doing a few biceps curls here, a few tricep presses there, and even fidgeting with the numerous circuit machines with indifference. I had NO desire.

One day I exited spin class when I saw this tanned, toned, muscular female trainer and I felt my heart skip a beat. Now, fit and lean women made me envious; I wanted to look like that, but I had taken zero initiative to get myself into that kind of shape. But today, I had found that person who I wanted to do just that.

Fate you ask?

We met, I said, “I want to look just like you.” She replied, “you won’t ever look like me because you are taller and have longer muscles and it takes years, but I can get you into better shape!” I loved her candor and so it began.

I was stoked! I had a personal trainer who would mentor and motivate me, who would encourage and push me well past my comfort zone, and who would teach me how to live a healthier lifestyle.

I had a goal. I was going to get my first set of muscles! I was going to get FIT!


And I accomplished that goal. Was it easy? No.

Did I want to quit? Yep.

Sometimes I didn’t think I could sit down on the toilet, my quads hurt so badly! Or blow dry my air, my biceps were so tight.

Working out can be grueling and keeping to a healthy eating lifestyle is very challenging, (I do miss nachos from time to time) but the rewards and benefits outweighed any negatives. In the 5 years I trained with Sherry, not only was I finally that toned, muscular female and eating healthier, I had competed (and placed!) in 3 back-to-back Figure and/or Bodybuilding Competitions.

This part of my journey was truly amazing, rewarding and life changing.


I truly believe I was meant to join that gym, and meet Sherry and experience this journey into fitness. I was so inspired by what she had helped me accomplish, for my body inside and out, through her motivation, belief, desire, drive and tough love that I longed to take part in helping others achieve their health goals as well.

In 2004, when we moved to beautiful San Diego, I received my Personal Trainer Certification in 2005 and my Nutrition Specialist Certification in 2015.

I have been a Personal Trainer for 11 years now. I co-own a Personal Training Studio called Results where I train clients daily, I have in home clients and thanks to the world of social media, I am able to “virtually train” clients on line with a customized workout program wherever they reside. Just amazing!

I’m no longer that 37 year old woman who must be in competition-ready shape. But…..

I am a 53 year old woman, wife, mom and mimi who—

continues doing workouts to kick my own butt, to lower my risk of disease, to keep my bones and heart strong, to watch my grandkids grow and have children of their own. I have a huge desire and drive to live a long wonderful life with family and friends; those POSITIVES in my life. I love my life.

DREAM. BELIEVE. ACHIEVE. You are worth it.

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Have a healthy day!


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