Follow your heart!…Into a chest opener!

2014-04-23 15.39.46So many people come to me with pain in there neck and upper back…sound familiar?


One big thing I have notice when helping people get rid of this pain is that many times part of the problem is in the chest muscles (pec major, pec minor, anterior deltiod…) and in the front of their neck (sternocleidomastoid, platysma, anterior scalene…).

We spend so much time doing forward motions; like working on the computer, riding a bicycle, and driving a car are good examples, that all those fun muscles in the front get scrunched together (or as the professionals say adaptively shortened).  Which in turn pulls on all those muscles in the back that are now experiencing discomfort and pain in.

2014-04-23 15.38.44  How do we make this better?

Take time during your day to stretch the muscle in the front of your chest.  Pec stretches, heart/chest openers, looking up to stretch the front of your neck are all good examples. Make sure to really stick your sternum up and out to get the best results.  It is actually freeing in a way to open your chest.  Be bold and stick your heart out for your health. Please do these to your comfort level.  There should be no sharp shooting pain (especially in your shoulders).


One of my clients is a lawyer and has been for quiet some time.  He spends long days at the office, sitting at a desk or on the phone, reading depositions or other paperwork. Sound familiar at all? His main problem area is his neck.  I told him to try some peck stretches to see if they would help, and after a couple weeks he notices a difference!

2014-04-23 15.40.47


So, take some time out of your day to open your heart and stretch your chest!

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