The Benefits of Stretching…Duh?

Ok, some of these are no brainers…you are thinking, “duh, Nicole!” But it is good to have a refresher anyway!

Some of the Benefits of Stretching:

1. Reduce “tightness” in the body

2. When you are skiing and slide into the splits on accident upon stopping, it will not be as painful!  Yes, I saw a friend do that this weekend and it was funny until she said, “ouch, my knee.”

3. It will help prevent those nasty trigger points from developing in your muscles and actually help alleviate some of the existing ones.

4. You will look really good in Yoga class

5. Going back to 2. stretching helps prevent injury

6. As you are getting older (yes, we are all getting older even if you don’t look like it) you will notice that you can still do the fun things you did when you were younger…it just takes more time because you have to remember to stretch!

7. A continuation of 6. As you are getting older you will not always feel like you are a rickety old person with all these pains everywhere.

8. It helps with optimal muscle function, which in turn helps with optimal body function (circulation, lymph, fascia, etc)


9. If you get really good at it, SUPER HUMAN TRICKS  at parties!  Just remember 2. in a different setting.

10. It feels good, especially when you have a Thai massage therapist doing all the work!

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