What does Thai massage look like?

I love talking about what I do, and what I’m passionate about.  Thai massage being one of them!DSC04474 (480x640)

I went to Thailand in 2012 to study Thai massage with Integral Travel.  It was so amazing studying Thai massage in “the motherland” so to speak.  

No, I did not get sick of curry…and yes, elephants are amazing!

Many people ask me what Thai massage it, so I thought I would post some pictures to show you:

DEB_6099-2 (426x640)

I practice Thai massage the traditional way.  On the floor, on a mat.

It is a big, comfy futon that many people compare to sleeping in their bed.

Sounds nice right?

Thai massage is about grounding a person.  What better way to do that then laying on the floor, right?

I also have enough room for any size person or any level of flexibility, and I don’t have to worry about pulling them off a table.


There is passive stretching involved.

I find I can get much deeper when the stretch is passive, and I am doing it for you.

In this quad stretch, if the low back feels safe, your knee is elevated on my knee to bring the stretch higher into the hip flexors.

You will also get a stretch on the top of your foot, and the fascia that connects the entire front of your leg.

DEB_6193 (640x426)


This is a fantastic chest opener!

We do so many things that have us reaching forward and closing off our chest and heart space.

It is great to do counter moves to keep everything in the front open so it does not pull on everything in the back and neck (causing muscle tension).

It feels really good, and can get a lot of “stuff” un-stuck.



Feet are very important in Thai massage!

They are our foundation, and if a house does not have a good foundation…the rest can falter.

I love working with feet! I have taken an MFR of the feet and lower legs to have some extra tools to work with, and be able to get in deeper if needed.

Who doesn’t love a good foot rub?

DEB_6184 (640x426)


Oh, the infamous neck and shoulder tension.

Who doesn’t have this?

In this move I can leverage my elbow into those tight rhomboids on the back.

I can add deep tissue techniques to any areas that need it!




This picture is a blast from the past!  I’ve been practicing Thai massage since 2011.

This move includes passive movement to keep the systems of the body flowing.

Stagnation in the body usually leads to stiffness, tension, upset, etc.

Twisting moves help with detoxing the body.

Moves where your limbs go above your heart can help with circulation.

I want to keep things moving in your body, so nothing feels stuck!

Thai massage is fantastic for people who sit at a computer or drive in a car all day and athletes.  Really, it is good for anyone who wants to add grounding and opening to their life.

These are just a few of the poses in Thai massage, just a few, there are so many more!  If you have questions or want to receive a Thai massage please reach out to me! nicole@greenskymassage.com

Love it!