How I found Thai massage

DSC04474-1There I was in massage school not having a clue what I wanted to focus on, knowing I needed to find my niche.  Just like everyone else around me, I needed to find what was going to make me special.  Why were people going to keep coming to me?  It needed to be a style of massage that I connected with and was passionate about.

I had taken all the Shiatsu I could before becoming certified in it, but it just wasn’t what I was looking for.  I took a Thai massage elective on a whim towards the end of BCMT training and fell in love.  This was the bodywork style I had been looking for!

I had an instructor once tell me (she also told us that much of the history was spread verbally and could have been changed over the years) that Thai massage like Shiatsu had origins in India. 

The monks would mediate every day and in order to stay healthy and maintain flexibility for long periods of sitting and mediating. They developed yoga and the ancestor style to Thai massage.  The practice spread throughout Asia (and I’m sure farther then that) and developed into different massage styles as culture and environment dictated.   If you have ever been to Thailand you know it is called “the land of smiles.” Food is plentiful and the weather is usually friendly.  Her people are laid back and friendly (in general).  You can see these influences present in Thai massage. 

The idea to be creative and have fun…life is good.  I think there is a lot of that in me too…on the other side of the planet…in another time…again, that connection thing.  Life is good.

Thai massage is awesome!

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