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Services include:



Thai massage:

Deep compression, stretching and energy work all done on a Thai mat.  It can alleviate muscle and joint pain, reduce stress, and offer a sense of grounding and openness throughout the body.

Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal work). Thai massage for your belly.  It can help restore chi in the abdomen, alleviate digestion issues, and help process stress that is stored in the belly




Massage for moms to be! It can help alleviate the pains and discomfort of normal pregnancy, reduce swelling, and encourage healthy movement of body tissues during pregnancy. This modality can also be done on the Thai mat as a modified Thai massage! If you are interested, please note it in your appointment.


 Deep tissue:

Massaging the deeper soft tissues of the body.  Will help with deep muscle pain and ache
swedish massage




Massaging superficial soft tissue and moving systems of the body. Can increase circulation, lower blood pressure, move lymph fluid, relaxation, plus more.



Massage of soft tissues to restore function and balance to the body’s structure. More specific techniques include:

  • Intraoral massage; massage of the soft tissues in the jaw and mouth to alleviate TMJ pain and headaches
  • MFR (myofacial release), a superficial techniques that can soften the fascia of the body to alleviate muscle pain and adhesions



Working to integrate the body as a whole system using breath work and visualization.

60 minute lower legs and feet:foot massage

Great for people who have plantar fascistic, sprains, strains, people who wear uncomfortable shoes often, people who are on their feet all day, athletes, and people who just love a thorough foot massage.  Treatment can include deep MFR and orthopedic massage for the lower legs and feet.

Kid’s massage

For kids ages 6 – 13 years of age. Parents will stay in the room for these mini massage sessions designed for kids. Great for3 little girls doing yoga kids that are expressing body/muscle discomfort from school or active sports and/or to encourage relaxation. It is a good way to introduce body awareness and safe/healthy touch. Can do these sessions as Thai or table massage. Please express which modality you would like for your child.

Price list:

60 min – $85

90 min – $110

120 min – $135

60 min lower legs and feet – $75


To receive the full traditional Thai treatment, 90 minutes at least is recommended.  If you would like to add Chi nei tsang to a session, allow 120 min!


 Packages: 10% off


4pk 60min —- $306

4pk 90min —- $396

4pk 120min — $486

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