Do you hold tension in your neck and shoulders?

It's All About Self-Care by Nicole Greenhouse of Green Sky Massage

Do you clench or grind your teeth, suffer from TMJ or other jaw disorders, and/or suffer from muscle tension headaches?

Do you find yourself needing a boost in your day?

Do you waking up feeling groggy, tired, stressed, maybe depression, and experience muscle pain?

Maybe there is a big change happening in your life, or you feel very stagnant.  Either of these things will bring stress into your life that will result in tension.

I have the solution for you!

smaller cover of It's All About Self-Care by Nicole Greenhouse of Green Sky Massage
In Edition 1: Head and Face you will learn techniques (self-massage and stretches) that can help with the muscle tension around the head, face, and jaw.  You will also read about the emotional and energetic connections to the head and face.  Many times muscle tension comes from emotional stress, so let’s attack the problem from all angles to help you feel better!

What will you get out of this first book?

  • Fun facts and information about the head and face.
  • Techniques on how to self-massage your head and face.
  • Stretches for your neck and face.
  • Information and ideas about how energy and emotion is connected

After incorporating the information in this book into your life you should start to feel:

  • Less muscle tension in the areas being stretched and massaged
  • Increased blood flow to your neck, head, and face.
  • Increased flexibility and range of motion in your neck
  • Reduction of stress caused by emotional/energetic/physical muscle tension
  • A more positive way to start and/or end your day
  • A greater sense of body awareness in your head and face
  • Empowerment to take care of yourself!

 What people are saying

“Awesome job on the book! It looks great and is very informative, interesting, and helpful. I’m proud of you and happy to own your book. (And be your friend.) Nicely done! ~ Emilie M

“I have found myself incorporating some facial massage techniques into my daily routine when I shower and wash my face.  It doesn’t take much extra time at all, and helps me feel relaxed and positive every morning when I wake up for work.  In addition, I have been giving myself scalp massages before bed to help me relax.  These only take a couple minutes each day, but end up setting the mood for my entire day.  I can wake up tired and grumpy, but as soon as I take a second for myself to breathe, think about some positive things, and help my body relax with a quick massage, I’m feeling like a whole new woman.  So thank you for sharing, and I look forward to incorporating more into my life!” ~ Brandi G


Why does head and face matter?

  • If I were to ask you where you hold most of your tension, what would you say?  Most people say, neck and shoulders.  Your head is connected to your neck and shoulders, so the two areas affect each other.
  • In western society, a lot of energy is directed towards the head.  We are very “heady” people.  Being aware of that and knowing how to take care of your head and face can help in relieving muscle tension, headaches, energy blocks, emotional blocks, TMJ, and more.
  • When we present ourselves to the world, what is one area of the body that is very important?  Our face!  Knowing how to take care of the face is a great way to keep it looking healthier for longer.
  • If you suffer from jaw clenching, grinding, or joint pain (TMJ being a good example), relieving the muscle tension caused by these can help alleviate some of the pain experienced.  In time, it might even help alleviate the stress that causes clenching and grinding.

Will this cause my face to break out?

  • Honestly, it might.  The self-massage will stir up your sebaceous glands and might cause more oil production.  This is actually not bad for your skin at all.  With more production it will cause the skin to clean itself better, but it might take an adjustment period.  If you notice a big reaction (which is rare), it can be as simple as changing your cleaning regiment.

Will massaging my face cause wrinkles?

  • The techniques I show in this book are about moving the skin against gravity, so it counteracts gravities effect on the skin.
  • Self-massage and regular massage to the skin helps fluid (blood, sebaceous, lymph, etc.) flow, which in turn keeps the skin buoyant and vibrant looking!

Will scalp massage and pulling of my hair cause it to fall out or get thinner?

  • If you have a “typically normal” scalp then definitely no.
  • As mentioned with wrinkles, the fluid flow to the area will cause the scalp to be healthier.
  • If your hair does get thinner or start to fall out, please go see a doctor.  This could be a sign of something else happening.

I don’t have time to add this into my routine

  • Self-care is a commitment.  If you want to take care of yourself, change needs to happen.
  • They say it takes 21 days to make a new routine habit, so if you think this can help you, please stick with it.
  • It is your decision to take the time to take care of yourself!

Who this book is not for

This is book is not for anyone trying to diagnose or treat a medical illness or disorder.  I’m simply sharing techniques that have been proven to help in pain reduction for muscle tension of a typically healthy person.  If you feel like you really have something going on that massage cannot or is not helping, please go see a doctor.

This book is not for people who are not licensed massage therapist and looking for techniques they can use on people to gain money.  These techniques are designed for the non-professional, so that people can help themselves on a daily basis and spread the love.

If this book turns out to not be what you were looking for, you can ask for a refund of your money within 7 days.

smaller cover of It's All About Self-Care by Nicole Greenhouse of Green Sky Massage

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Try to remember to do something nice for yourself everyday



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